Earn $56K On Average As A Freelance Writer

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With 100K open writing jobs available, freelance writers are in demand. Become an expert content creator, gain experience with our blog-writing work guarantee, and unleash your potential!

  • CPD accredited
  • Beginner friendly
  • Paid blog-writing work guarantee with Knowadays
  • 100% self-paced learning with lifetime access
  • 50+ hours of learning time
  • Expert tutor support
  • Created by multiple expert content writers

Launch A Profitable New Career Or Side Business

100K Open writing jobs as seen on Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and more
$50-$61 Average hourly pay for writing-related jobs in the US, according to the EFA
6k+ Successful learners who have graduated from Knowadays courses
7M Number of blog posts published every day, according to FirstSiteGuide

Find Freedom With Freelance Writing

Already have raw writing talent? Our course is tailor-made to take you from amateur wordsmith to full-fledged professional. It will teach you to research, structure, and write engaging blog posts and articles, as well as source your own clients and launch a lucrative freelance writing business.

  • Develop an in-demand skill set, and begin working as a content writer in as little as six weeks.
  • Gain a distinction in your final assignment, and take on your first paid project: writing three pieces of content for the Knowadays blog!
  • Learn how to find, work with, and impress a diverse range of clients.
  • Receive an accredited certification to showcase your skills to potential employers or in the freelance marketplace.

Who Is This Writing Course For?

You can become a freelance writer if you want to…


Work on your own terms

  • Leave a rigid work schedule behind and set up solo
  • Stop clock-watching and find success in a creative, fulfilling career
  • Pick and choose from projects with purpose

Earn a living from writing   

  • Make $56,512 on average as a freelance writer
  • Bring in extra income to supplement retirement or full-time work
  • Turn your natural writing abilities into a well-paid job

Organize work around your life

  • Carve out a career that slots seamlessly into family life
  • Fit projects around your current commitments, not the other way
  • Ditch the commute and work from anywhere
Introducing Our Becoming A Freelance Writer Course

Introducing Our Becoming A Freelance Writer Course

8 modules, 23 lessons, 15 practice-based exercises and quizzes, and 6 useful business-building templates

Our practical assignments and detailed case study will give you the confidence to apply your newfound writing expertise to professional projects. Time-saving resources are an added bonus that will streamline your freelance business.

50+ hours of study

50+ hours of study

Understand the ins and outs of crafting blog posts and articles that engage readers and retain clients. You’ll master how to research, outline, write, and redraft compelling content. 

Immersive by design

Immersive by design

With quizzes, try-it-yourself exercises, a case study, and a mock assignment, we’ll have you applying your newly enhanced creative skills every step of the way.

Crafted by content experts

Crafted by content experts

You’ll learn through materials masterminded by professionals, each with 10+ years’ experience writing for world-leading brands.

1:1 tutor feedback

1:1 tutor feedback

Our friendly, expert tutors can be a guiding hand as you progress through the course. They’ll also provide comprehensive, personalized feedback on your final assignment.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

Just like your future freelance writing career, this course is designed to flex around you. Lifetime access means you can refresh your knowledge whenever you need to. 

Leads to your first paid project

Leads to your first paid project

Achieve 80% or more in the final assignment to gain valuable experience by writing three pieces of content for the Knowadays blog! You’ll come away with professionally edited samples to add to your portfolio.

Our Work Guarantee – Everything You Need to Know

Here’s what our graduates from our other courses say:

Pass with a distinction and get onboarded by the team

Achieve a score of 80% or more in the final assignment and we’ll invite you to an onboarding call with our content team. They’ll walk you through the process and assign your first writing brief.

Write your first pieces of content

Our team will be on hand to guide you through the drafting process. After you submit your first piece, they’ll review it and provide you with constructive feedback to help you to further develop your writing skills. You’ll then follow the same process for your remaining two blog posts.

Get three expertly edited portfolio pieces

We’ll have your content professionally edited to help it really shine. You’ll then write a bio to receive full credit for your work published in our blog. We’ll also pay you $90 for the project and let you know when your work is published.

Launch your freelance writing career

You can use your blog posts as samples to gain more freelance writing work. As you expand your experience and roster of clients, you can earn a median of $56K per year as a freelance writer. 

Writing Course Reviews ⭐

Writing Course Reviews ⭐

Here’s what our graduates from our other courses say:

Not only does this course teach you to be a better writer, but it also helps you become the kind of professional that companies want to partner with.

“The Becoming a Freelance Writer course has everything you need to know to get started in a freelance writing career. Its comprehensive and well-structured lessons have you covered—from becoming a better writer, to setting up a successful business. It’s practical, up-to-date, and filled with example briefs and templates that you can download and adapt to your needs right away. The editing sections alone are worth the cost of the course, with step-by-step, illustrative walk-throughs.”

This course covers everything you need to step into the world of freelance writing with confidence.

I wish I’d had this course three years ago when I started my freelance writing journey! Writing is one thing, but writing for a living is something else entirely.

This course gives you the insights and confidence you need to handle clients, find work, set your prices, and so much more. It’ll hold your hand through what is often a bumpy journey – transitioning from writing for fun to writing professionally.

This course enabled me to kick off my new career. I owe so much to Knowadays.

“I’m now doing what I should have done years ago. And the support doesn’t end after qualification; the Knowadays team is still available to offer help and advice whenever I need it. This tuition does even more than it says on the tin.”

This course wasn’t just like reading through a textbook. It was interactive and packed with fascinating, engaging information which helped me stay focused!

“Before taking the course, my challenge was I didn’t know what a freelance writer needs to do their job properly. As a content strategist, I wanted to know how I could best support the freelance writers I was collaborating with. Thanks to the course I learned how to write a good brief and how a freelance writer should act and communicate with clients. Understanding it from their perspective was incredibly helpful for me.”

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Why Is Becoming A Freelance Writer Better than the Competition?

Find out how we compare

Other Writing Courses
Created by multiple expert content writers 
No customized feedback on your writing assignment
Basic information that doesn’t cover all facets of freelance content writing
An overview of writing in general
Limited or no tutor support
Document-based or static course format
No work guarantee
Freelance Writer Course
Created by multiple expert content writers 
Actionable, tailored feedback on your writing assignment 
50+ hours of learning in eight holistic modules
A deep dive into writing professional blog posts and articles 
Tutor support available from real experts
Interactive, stimulating, and modern course structure
A blog-writing work guarantee with Knowadays

Get to Know Our Friendly Tutors

As Knowadays graduates, our team members have walked the path you’re about to take. They’re on hand to help you progress through the course with confidence.

Full flexibility. A boost in income. A brand-new skill set. They received all this – and more – by taking our courses and embracing the freedom of freelancing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Editing Course

  • Who can take this course?

    Everyone is welcome to take the Becoming An Editor course. Although it’s not mandatory to take our Becoming A Proofreader course beforehand, it is highly recommended.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    There is no time limit to complete Becoming An Editor, allowing you to learn at your own pace. You will also have lifetime access to the course.

  • Do I need specific qualifications to take this course?

    You don’t need formal qualifications to take our Becoming An Editor course – only a desire to learn and a love of the written word.

  • What if English isn’t my first language?

    Fluent second English language speakers are also encouraged to take the course. Please note that the final assessment does require an advanced understanding of written English.

  • I’ve already completed the Becoming A Proofreader course. Should I enrol in Becoming An Editor, too?

    Although many people complete our Becoming A Proofreader course and go on to enjoy fulfilling freelance careers, our Becoming An Editor will help you refine your skills.

    Becoming An Editor focuses on overall structure, content, and flow. But that’s just the beginning! Editing is often more subjective than proofreading, which is typically rules-based. Is the document organised? Are there contradictions, inconsistencies or factual errors? Is it right for the target audience?

    If you want to work on more complex documents – and enjoy a higher earning potential – our Becoming An Editor course is the right choice. Success in both courses will give you more opportunities with our partner company, Proofed. For more details, please see our Guaranteed Work page.

  • If I successfully complete the Becoming An Editor course, am I guaranteed work with Proofed?

    When you pass our Becoming A Proofreader course with a distinction (80% or more), you’ll have the chance to work with our partner company, Proofed, initially on a trial basis. A distinction in our Becoming A Proofreader course and a passing grade in our Becoming An Editor course will unlock enhanced Proofed opportunities. A passing grade only in our Becoming An Editor course does not guarantee work with Proofed.

  • Does it matter where I live?

    You can be anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer (PC or Mac), an internet connection and Microsoft Word (2016 or later).


    Please note that to work with Proofed, your country of residence must have a tax treaty with the United States Internal Revenue Service. These countries are listed here. For further information, please contact a financial advisor.

  • What language is the course in?

    We offer our Becoming A Proofreader and Becoming An Editor courses in UK and US English. You will have the option to select your course language after purchase. If you would like us to add the UK version of the course to your account, let us know by emailing us at hello@knowadays.com.

  • Questions?

    We’ve got answers! Email us at hello@knowadays.com or click here to make an appointment to have a chat. Our friendly team is always happy to help!

Becoming A Freelance Writer

Becoming A Freelance Writer

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  • Embrace the freedom of working from anywhere, anytime
  • Pivot your career path and earn $20-30 per hour in additional income
  • Organize work around life, not the other way around
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